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Insurance provides protection for your business and it also effectively seeks to safeguard your personal assets, possessions, liability etc., We, as the insurance brokers have the resources to deliver unmatched risk management solutions, which are tailored to meet the insurance needs of individuals, families and businesses.

Motor Insurance
Motor Insurance policies are of various types. The most popular one is comprehensive policy which is normally also called as full insurance. The other type of policy is called Third Party Liability policy which is a compulsory policy in most of the countries. We, at armour offer best terms for both type of policies.

Home Insurance
It takes fraction of a second for a fire to reduce everything you own to ashes, and ages for you to rebuild. This policy safeguards against the losses or damages to the buildings and/or its contents inside the home along with protection against various other forms of losses that can be encountered by homeowners or tenants. (e.g. burglary etc)

Health Insurance
A medical necessity like hospitalization etc arises out of sickness or accident. The expense on the same depends on the intensity and extent of the contingency. Now whether there is an emergency or there is a planned medical attendance in a hospital as an outpatient or as an inpatient, the Health Insurance provides relief to the affected.

We have complied products from many underwriters to offer the best terms to you based on your needs.

Property Insurance
There are two variants of cover for the property that you own.

1. Losses arising out of fire, lightning, explosion, earthquake, storm, flood, and impact by road vehicles and such other perils. This cover is available to both the residential and commercial properties.
2. An all risk insurance cover for loss or damage to commercial property arising out of all risks other than those specifically excluded under the policy. This is granted under Property All Risk Insurance Policy.

Project Insurance
Insurance cover for:
1. Construction risks: Contractor’s All Risk Policy covers civil construction risks and can also be extended to cover contractor’s Plant & Machinery and Third Party liabilities.
2. For plant and machinery: Erection All Risk policy covers risks associated with erection of Plant and Machinery and this can be extended to cover Third Party Liability and various other contingencies such as express/ air freight, overtime wages, own surrounding property etc.

Engineering Insurance
1. All risks of loss or damage to computers and other electronic equipment can be covered on a standalone basis under Electronic Equipment Policy.
2. All kind of machineries can be covered on a standalone basis under Machinery Breakdown Policy for loss or damage due to Electrical &/or Mechanical &/or Accidental breakdown.
3. Boilers where steam is generated can be covered against the risk of explosion and implosion under Boilers and pressure vessel insurance policy.

General Accident Insurance
Insurance cover for:
1. Insurance cover for stocks as well as money against Financial loss resulting from burglary, theft, larceny, hold up and/or infidelity of employees can be made available by us on very competitive rates.
2. Insurance cover against accidental injury leading to temporary or permanent disability or death can be made available by us on very competitive rates under Personal Accident Policy.

Legal Liability Insurance
We provide for Insurance against:
1. Legal liability arising out of accidental bodily injury or damage to property of third parties caused by a negligent act of the insured or their employees under General Third Party Liability Insurance policy.
2. Legal liability arising out of product which has left the care, custody and control as granted under Product liability insurance policy,
3. Commercial general liability covering both the third party liability and the product liability and many more.
4. Legal liability arising out of accidental bodily injury to insured’s employees as per the Workman’s Compensation policy.
5. Legal liability arising out of accidental bodily injury or occupational disease to insured’s employees caused by a negligent act of the Employer during the course of its business under Employer’s Liability policy.
6. Professional Liability for errors and omissions made by the professionals in their occupation. This is covered under Professional liability insurance policy.

Employee Benefits Insurance
We are providing some examples of insurance cover taken out by the employers insuring:
1. Medical expenses incurred by its employees &/or their family members as a result of sickness or accident as per the Group Medical policy.
2. Life of its employees in the event of death due to sickness or accident during the course of employment as per the Group Life policy.

And there are other policies as well

Marine Insurance
Goods in transit are exposed to various transit hazards and they find cover under Marine Insurance
1. Insurance cover for loss or damage to cargo due to hazards of carriage like mishandling etc during transit through Sea, Air or Land under Marine Cargo policy. This can be covered as an open agreement based on the regularity of transactions over a period of time.
2. Insurance cover for liners, shipping vessels, fishing vessels, Pleasure Crafts/Yachts, their Hulls, Machineries and accessories against accidental loss or damage due to perils of the sea under Marine Hull policy. This policy can also be extended to cover Third party liability.
And there are a host of other combinations like multi-transit policies etc.,

Casuality and Financial liability insurance
We are providing names of sample policies we deal with
1. Directors and Officers liability insurance
2. Crime insurance
3. Public offering security insurance
4. Bankers Blanket Bond
5. Tender Bond

Consequentional Loss Insurance

This type of policy operates to cover loss of gross profit

1. Arising out of property damage other than due to breakdown
2. Arising out of property damage arising mainly out of machinery breakdown

And there are variations like Advance Loss of profit policy which is co--terminus with projects e.g. if the project undergoing erection gets affected and the period of implementation gets prolonged due to accidents and other losses as covered by the project insurance then Advance Loss of Profit policy provides idemnity against the expected loss of gross profit.

Other Insurance

Other insurances like Life Insurance, Travel Insurance, Baggage Insurance, Lift Insurance, Carriers legal liability insurance, stevedores liability insurance, Trade Credit Insurance, Plate Glass Insurance, Aviation Insurance and many other types of insurances are also dealt by us.

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